Writer, editor, creator

Chormeri Books, LLC.

Founded in 2015 by Erik Parshall and Chikodili Agwuna, Chormeri Books, LLC. is a project inspired by the drive to create. It's name is derived from the Greek term meraki, which is the part of oneself that is put into a work of art, and ichor, the golden blood of the Greek deities.

The Chormeri mission is to support aspiring writers in the world of professional publishing.

Parshall and Agwuna, along with Hannah Korangkool (Chormeri's graphic designer) worked to publish Parshall's first novel, Black Cat on a White Porch, in late 2015. It was released in November of that year, and the team was recognized for their efforts on the cover of the Howard County Times the following May.

Their next project is a book of short stories, poems, and essays featuring local writers, as well as an upcoming novel from Parshall.


Photos: (Top) The Chormeri Books Iconography | Designed by Hannah Korangkool; (Bottom) From Howard County Times Cover Shoot | Photo by Jen Rynda | Baltimore Sun Media Group.