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Black Cat on a White Porch

Black Cat on a White Porch is the first novel written by Erik Parshall. It is based off of a true story told to him by his grandmother, Muriel, in which she described a time she witnessed racial prejudice when she was living in Virginia in 1966. Mr. Parshall’s novel focuses on the lives of the women in his grandmother’s memory, who are studying for their Master’s degrees in Education during the Vietnam War.

One afternoon, Muriel Porter welcomes several of her classmates to her home. There are three white women - Elaine, Jane, and Emily - and two black women - Bea and Zora. As a result of having black women in her home, an act of violence occurs outside of Muriel’s home. Mr. Parshall took this story, which Muriel had only shared with one other person before her grandson, and created the lives of the characters involved.

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