In 1966, Petersburg, Virginia was divided by class, socia status, and race.

In a class for aspiring teachers, a group of women - just as separated as their town - are given an assignment that will require them to meet outside of the classroom.

They meet and certain tensions arise to the forefront, while others bubble beneath smiling faces.

The next morning, an act of violence further divides every member of that meeting.

Black Cat on a White Porch was inspired by a story told to me by my grandmother, Muriel, who was the woman at whose house the meeting took place. I explore the lives of housewives in the 1960s, especially that of “waiting wives” - women who waited for their husbands to return from Vietnam.

All my thanks to Chikodili Agwuna and Hannah Korangkool for your help in bringing this story to life.
Both of you served as editors for this story and part of your creative spirit is in every page.